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Cambridge Physiotherapist Olivia Mercer

“I feel most fortunate to have discovered Olivia when she set up her physiotherapy practice in Cambridge.
Olivia is a ‘hands-on’ physio and has really helped me with various ailments and particularly my back.
I recommended Olivia to various family members who have also been delighted and relieved to find a physio who has helped them with shoulders, knees, necks and backs too.
Recently my young grandsons have also been successfully treated by Olivia.
Olivia has been able to diagnose and treat all of us over the last seven years and I can thoroughly recommend her. “

Isobel Abulhoul OBE

“Just a quick message to tell you that I have had my baby and to thank you for all your amazing help! I kept doing the exercises every day and my hip/back problem continued to improve so that it had practically disappeared during the last couple of months of the pregnancy. I was even able to run again and I actually had to run pretty fast (to catch James who had slipped my hand and run off) on the morning of the day baby Stephen arrived, which was a week past the due date!
You are a miracle worker, thank you so much!“


“I have received treatment on many occasions for numerous injuries, due to my work and hobby of extreme fishing. I have always found Olivia to be highly skilled and more than able to help me. Her knowledge is extensive and stretches across many fields. Both approachable and professional, I always feel able to openly ask questions, knowing that Olivia is always able to answer them and in such a way that her patients can comprehend. It’s so rare to be able to find a hands-on practitioner, instead of just being given a long list of exercises. How refreshing!”

Ward.B, Bury St Edmunds

“Thanks very much for your work on my lower back. Significant improvement, less pain and enhanced flexibility. So much so that I am back playing golf, …. Now can you fix a ‘Slice’? Regards”

David J. Cambridge

“Olivia has helped me on a number of occasions to recover from knee problems and lower back pain. On each occasion she gave me immediate relief from pain and discomfort together with guidance on how to look after my injuries.

She has quite literally got my husband back on to his feet after he pulled his back out and could hardly move with the pain.

I can’t recommend her highly enough”

A O’Brien, Cambridge

“As someone who has pursued and competed in many extreme sports since childhood, including Gymnastics, Horse Riding and Skiing, Olivia has been a continuous support throughout my progression. She’s made old injuries practically undetectable, relieving great pain stemming from my neck and shoulders which would otherwise give me violent headaches and nausea. I’ve referred many friends to Olivia as none have found practitioners who actually work with their hands – it makes a big difference!

She has been an angel in my eyes – I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Aurora~Rose, Yorkshire

“Following a hip fracture, I would like to acknowledge the superb level of physiotherapy and massage treatment which was started as soon as I was discharged from the hospital after my operation.

With such a pleasant and positive approach this became, for an aging patient, a very special and speedy outcome. I am now walking and driving as before, thank you Olivia.”

W.M.E. Gilbert Rd. Cambridge.

“I have used Olivia’s services for sometime. I broke my leg and damaged a nerve earlier in the year. I don’t know what I would have done without her.- she was brilliant and always goes the extra mile. I thoroughly recommend her.”

DA, Cambridge

“Recently I developed sciatica and was treated by Olivia Auty-Mercer. I found her to be extremely efficient, knowledgeable, professional and caring. My condition improved significantly. I would recommend Olivia with great confidence.”

J.Christison, Isle of Arran

“I am very grateful to Olivia for helping me to be able to compete in the Cambridge half marathon, when knee pain two weeks had stopped my training and made it look impossible. Her assessment of the problem, manipulative treatment and follow-up advice are excellent, and I would highly recommend her to anyone as a top physiotherapist. Thank you again, I know I will be back! “

Mandy, Cambridge

“Over the years I have visited many different practitioners to try to manage my persistent neck and shoulder problems. I recently experienced an acute exacerbation, completely debilitated by the pain I went to my GP, who did the usual and prescribed painkillers. In desperation I searched online for physiotherapists in Cambridge and found Olivia Auty’s website. I read her profile and was impressed by her extensive experience. So I contacted her and she quickly responded to arrange an emergency appointment.

I love the proactive approach to injury treatment and prevention that Olivia offers. She is the most informed physiotherapist I have encountered, so the next time I sprain / twist or tear anything I won’t hesitate to go back. I’m sure if I had simply rested my injury, I would still be in agony. Best of all, she gave me exercises to increase my strength and stability to prevent injury in the future.

I was made to feel welcomed, respected, and well cared for, from my first visit to my last.”

Mrs CB, Cambridge

“My wife found Olivia following a tennis knee injury, which has recovered well. After nearly a year of suffering shoulder blade and arm pain from an NHS diagnosed “worn out shoulder” I tried Olivia’s very much hands on treatment and can now get two nights pain free sleep after it. What a relief and hope now of recovery”

Chris Turner, Impington

“I just wanted to let you know that I’m now back playing tennis and golf after having treatment at your practice recently.
I’m very impressed with your knowledge and experience of sports injuries particularly on backs and legs. I for one will your professional touch when you move south to Cambridge.”

David Simpson, Harrogate

“Olivia was recommended to me by a friend, who described her as a first class manipulative therapist and from experience over a period of six years I’ve found her to be so.

I was given my first treatment by Olivia in Mrach 1993 after a skiing accident, causing a neck injury. After massaging the muscles and manipulation, she gave me guidelines on how to aid recovery. As I lead a very active life involving risk taking sports and gardening, which sometimes causes back problems, I often visited Olivia for treatment. As well as the treatment being effective, she has alos recommended strategies I can use to lessen the likelihod of injury.

In February 1994 I had a very bad accident, which affected my sacro-iliac joint, so that I was in great pain. This eased considerably after the first session and movement in the joint exercises, I regained full mobility and was able to return to normal life. I have found that her assessment of the number of sessions which will be needed accurate. Because the treatment is so effective, there have been gaps of many months when I’ve not needed treatment.

I have recommended Olivia to friends, some of whom have become regular clients. She will be sadly missed in our area.”

Rosemary Elliott, Harrogate

“Just a few lines to show my appreciation for your help and advice in getting me through the 1998 London Marathon. As you know, with just 3 weeks to go to the marathon I was suddenly struck with severe pain in my lower left shin and I was faced with the prospect of not being able to compete after months of training.

I found the treatment and advice you gave me in dealing with the injury very beneficial, and was able to complete the marathon on the day without further problem. I would also like to add that I would not hesitate in recommedning you to my friends and colleagues in the future.

Once again a very big thank you.”

I J McAllister, Blackburn


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